Taking Care of Business

Category: Cold Chain,Frozen Warehousing,Hanson Corporate,Refrigerated Transportation,Supply Chain February 17, 2016

As a part of the ever-evolving cold supply chain, Hanson Logistics is always looking for opportunities to meet new customers and better ways to serve existing customers in the food and beverage industry. By attending this year’s AFFI Frozen Food Convention (AFFI-CON), Hanson Logistics will be among more than 1,400 processors, logistics providers, suppliers, retailers, foodservice distributors and operators. It’s a great venue for networking as well as learning about key issues in the frozen food and beverage industry.

This year’s AFFI-CON is about “Takin’ Care of Business”…something that rings true for us as well. With our Chicago Consolidation Center being the hub for more than 120,000 distribution miles every week, we are always on the move. And now we’re excited to add SUPERVALU distribution centers to our network of delivery points.

SUPERVALU can now leverage into Hanson Logistics’ expertise, WMS and TMS integration, and transportation management services for greater visibility and control, using one third-party provider.

Temperature-controlled distribution is more than order consolidation and shared truckloads … it’s about taking care of business so our food processors can take care of theirs.

Down with Red Tape: Compelling Reasons to Work with Smaller, Family-Owned Service Providers

Category: Cold Chain,Frozen Warehousing,Hanson Corporate,Refrigerated Transportation,Trucking June 13, 2016

Defined by Merriam-Webster as a system of government or business that has many complicated rules and ways of doing things, “bureaucracy” is often used to describe the inner workings of any organization that tends to operate with a lot of red tape, rules, policies, and decision makers. Hanson Logistics, on the other hand, has effectively Read the full article…