Request the Best Supply Chain

Category: Consolidation,Frozen Warehousing,Supply Chain,Trucking December 15, 2016

When manufacturers need their product shipped out, they trust Hanson Logistics to get it done.

As a global leader of food and foodservice solutions, Request Foods, Inc. ships over 230 million products every year. This means they need a reliable transportation team.

Five years ago, Request Foods was utilizing multi-drop stops. These stops force a driver to carry one product, making multiple stops each day that can be over five hours apart. Not only do these multi-drop stops take a toll on the driver, they are inefficient in scheduling and communication.

Multi-drop stops are even more ineffective when retailers want small orders to keep stocked inventory low. This is an incredible hurdle for shippers.

That’s when Request Foods utilized Hanson Logistics. They began working in our Velocities Multi-Vendor Consolidation Program. This is where Hanson loads trucks with multiple brands, keeping stops fluid. Drivers can better stay on schedule so products can be delivered on time.

The Velocities Program is creating consistency for Request Foods. Their distribution centers have a better idea when shipments are coming in and a routine is developed, creating seamless shipping for everyone involved.

Don’t settle for inefficiency when it comes to the delivery of your products. Contact Hanson Logistics today for the best in shipping and delivery.


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