Looking for a Supply Chain Solution?

Category: Cold Chain,Hanson Corporate,Supply Chain September 22, 2016

…You’ve come to the right place.

Working with Infor and MercuryGate, Hanson Logistics offers supply chain solutions to its customers that covers every step – from order to warehouse to transportation. By leveraging our investment in technology, you can work smarter, better, and faster without the need for significant investments in IT infrastructure, implementation, administration, and maintenance.

Infor’s Supply Chain Execution (SCE) and the MercuryGate Transportation Management System (TMS) provide a robust supply chain execution solution for manufacturers, logistics providers, and companies with transportation management needs.

The two systems work together to provide secure access to your own inventory information, in addition to real-time order status visibility, inventory availability, and shipment status. The supply chain solutions comes with built-in parameters that are triggered in the event of back orders, order acknowledgement, shipments, or delays, the system also enables:

  • Multimodal, multi-leg planning, optimization, and execution
  • Control tower visibility and decision support
  • Reusability for setup, on-boarding, and repetitive moves
  • Highly configurable TMS in the cloud and on mobile devices
  • Adaptability to support and improve the workflow you want
  • Procurement, allocation, invoicing in a closed-loop process
  • Track & trace for all shipments through delivery
  • Secure access that gives shippers and authorized consignees tracking ability for transparent customer service
  • An easy-to-use interface for customizing event management and notification preferences
  • 24/7/365 access to instant rate information, carrier performance, and costing matrix, and reporting by carrier, location, date, activity, etc.

A single platform transportation management solution that enables companies to manage their multi-modal, multi-leg transportation across geographies while providing control tower visibility and decision support and managing fully-loaded transportation costs, MercuryGate TMS works with Infor SCE to rapidly customize solutions and select the delivery option that is right for each customer.


The 3PL as a Technology Partner

Category: 3PL,Supply Chain October 13, 2016

Buying, implementing, and maintaining supply chain software applications can be an expensive and time-consuming initiative. Whether the projects are managed by your company’s in-house IT team or outsourced to a third party, the costs associated with this function can chip away at a company’s bottom line, put undue stress on a company’s resources, and result Read the full article…