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Corporate Offices
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269 982 1390 Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm EST
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Our Sweet Spot

Expertise, Accountability and Transparency
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Our Sweet Spot: Expertise, Accountability and Transparency

In addition to managing your day-to-day transportation, we keep you informed of load status through web-based and phone communications. Your production, customer service and supply chain personnel can access shipment information whenever it’s required. Our TMS capabilities automate tendering, shipment status, invoicing and payment.

transportation expertise

While able to meet virtually any transportation requirement, Hanson Logistics ‘sweet spot’ is service-oriented transportation of temperature-controlled, multi-sku shipments.

Load Aggregation/Planning

Hanson has the capacity planning technology to aggregate your loads or to merge with other like shipments to meet strict customer delivery criteria – while improving cycle times and service.

Carrier Optimization

Hanson’s comprehensive carrier qualification ensures that the right carrier at the right time is utilized to meet delivery performance criteria while providing cost-effective transportation.

Continuous Moves/Merge In Transit

We’ll help you take advantage of the ongoing economies available in a dynamic transportation process, merging loads from various origins and combining pick-ups with deliveries for optimal carrier utilization.

Vendor Inbound Management

We can identify economies on the inbound side of the equation, through collaboration, back hauls, and more efficient procurement of inbound material.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our network modeling systems and refrigerated logistics expertise can help identify, implement and manage incremental or dramatic changes in your supply chain, helping you achieve greater profitability and lower operational costs.